Dip Your Feet In Vinegar Once A Week, and You Will See How All Your Diseases Disappear

Vinegar isn’t just something we use in the kitchen, for cooking, cleaning or washing our clothes, it has a number of other benefits which can make your life much easier. In this article we’ll show you how to use vinegar for your feet and take advantage of all of its benefits.

We’re talking about apple cider vinegar to be precise and how this amazing product can help you protect yourself from a number of diseases. It can help you eliminate germs, bacteria and prevent infections. It can also help you heal calluses, by just soaking your feet in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and keeping them soaked for 45 minutes. You should then exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone and the calluses will soon fall off on their own, leaving behind a soft, gentle skin. If you’re interested, you should keep reading and find out more about this miraculous product :

In this article we’ll show you how to prepare a warm, relaxing foot bath with ACV that can be used as a treatment for a number of problems. It can help you with respiratory disorders, digestive problems and it can even help you lose weight. This treatment has been used for centuries all across the globe thanks to its high efficiency and versatility.

You need to prepare the foot bath with warm water and you can even add some herbs, aromatic salts and spices to improve its effect. ACV is an excellent product for a foot bath because it has anti-bacterial properties and our feet are a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to infections, dry, cracked skin and roughness. With this foot bath you’ll disinfect your feet and stop bacterial infections.


Heat up some water, until the water becomes lukewarm (15-18 degrees), so not too hot. Pour this heated water in a container where you can soak your feet and then add a cup of ACV. Mix it in and if you want to improve its smell a bit, add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil or some other oil you prefer. Soak your feet in this bath for 15 minutes and that’s it.

Aside from using it for a foot bath you can use ACV to eliminate dandruff, relieve a sore throat, eliminate bad shoe smell and bad smells from your house.