8 Best Foods for Anxiety or to Beat Stress

Foods for anxiety? Foods for stress? Are you for real??? Yes, I am for real. I’ve always had anxiety. I remember as a little kid having anxiety. Where does this come from? Not sure – but what I do know is certain foods can cause it and other foods can help reduce it. Below I share with you the best foods for anxiety, stress, depression, etc. (See full list below).

While general anxiety is a common feeling among the entire population. This includes stress and depression. Many things in today’s world can cause stress or anxiety:

An exam or test.
An important doctors appointment.
A big presentation you have to give at work or school.
Making a big decision that could change your life.
Your car breaking down/flat tire.
Someone stealing your purse.
A friend or family member being diagnosed with an illness or a friend or family member dying.
Moving to a new place.
Starting a new job.
Losing a pet.
Having a child with health issues.
Losing your job.
…. so many other things can cause stress or anxiety and even little things like burning dinner when you have guests on their way over for your dinner party.
Some people experience worse symptoms of anxiety or stress than others. Some people can handle stress or anxiety better than others too.

Some just have little symptoms here and there and then move on with their lives. In more advanced stages, a person may be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, which is considered to be a serious mental disorder that can disrupt a person’s everyday life.
Anxiety or stress is caused by various factors. The symptoms of each disorder differ from each other, but usually, all anxiety disorders can cause a person to experience feelings of uneasiness, fear, and panic. I also generally feel overwhelmed, irritable and exhausted when I get stressed or feel anxious.

Conventional treatments are the recommended method for reducing these symptoms, but they also come with the downside of possible side-effects – pills for example. They are good for some people, and not for others. I’ve personally found changing my diet has helped tremendously.

Because of that, I would like to introduce you to eight foods for anxiety (+ a handful of bonus foods and foods to avoid). This list includes foods you can eat to help reduce the symptoms of your anxiety or stress.
Foods for Anxiety:


Thanks to the famous cartoon “Popeye,” Spinach is mostly seen as a muscle-building food and valued for its high protein content. Protein, however, isn’t the only nutrient found in this “superfood.” Spinach is also rich in other nutrients, including magnesium and, according to Wellness Mama, symptoms of anxiety is a common symptom of magnesium deficiency. This is one of my favorite foods for anxiety, I add it to my morning smoothie almost daily.


Cashews are among the most beneficial plant-based foods. These nuts may be low in fiber, but they are incredibly rich in nutrients and offer the powerful body antioxidants that are very beneficial. Cashews are good for your heart, blood, eyes and they also contain compounds that are good for weight management. One Green Planet reports that Cashews are also excellent for people who suffer from anxiety and high-stress levels.


This one should not be something new as everyone is already aware of the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids found in this fish. Men’s Fitness reports that a 12 to 15 ounce serving of salmon, which gives you approximately 2.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, can reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress by 20% or more. A study by the Ohio State University College of Medicine also found that omega-3 is effective in reducing inflammation and treating anxiety disorder among a group of medical students.


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